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CRIMINAL DEFENSE                                                                                              

Every person charged with a criminal offense, from a driving while intoxicated charge to a federal wire fraud charge, deserves competent, aggressive representation in the courtroom. I am committed to providing aggressive representation for all of my clients. I have dedicated my legal career to working as a criminal defense attorney. I have extensive experience handling and trying jury trials in the state and federal criminal courts.


If you or a relative is being charged with a federal crime, please contact us. I’ve got extensive federal criminal defense experience. I have built my career around defending federal cases. The federal criminal justice system is much different than the state criminal justice system. It is imperative that you retain someone who is familiar in navigating the federal system.

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Please note that the facts and circumstances in the cases mentioned in the media articles linked above may differ greatly from the facts and circumstances in your criminal case. Every case is evaluated independently. Further, all the past verdicts of cases Nicki Nicolo and the firm has handled is not represented on this website. You or your relative facing a criminal charge may not receive a favorable result at trial.