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Adoption and Guardianship

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Adoption can be one of the most fulfilling events in a person’s life. The most common scenario in Arkansas is a step parent adoption, in which a step parent wishes to adopt the child of his/her spouse. The adoption process can unite the family unit and make the child feel like she/he is truly a part of the family.

Adoption is possible for a biological parent wishing to terminate the other parent’s rights! Single parent adoption in Arkansas: an unmarried parent may legally adopt their own biological child, which effectively terminates the other parent’s rights.  

A person may petition the court for guardianship of a minor child or for an elderly or disabled adult diagnosed with a medical or mental condition that renders them unable to make decisions regarding their personal or financial affairs. Guardianships of minors is warranted to protect a child from harm, neglect, etc. The court will consider the best interests of the child and the fitness of the parent(s) in determining a guardianship case. Guardianships may be sought on an uncontested basis, if both parents give their consent. It may also be sought even if the parent(s) contest. A guardianship appointment will not terminate a parent’s rights.

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